Price Check Local Domestic Cleaning Companies in Abbey Wood

There’s a lot to consider when you’d like to book domestic cleaning in Abbey Wood. You don’t want to pay over the odds, but it’s equally important that your cleaners are honest, that your service is reliable, and that arrangements are flexible enough to fit your needs.
Call Friendly Services when you need domestics and you’re sure to get honest professionals – ones who come when they say they will, work to high standards, and who’re available when you need them but don’t tie you down with unreasonable terms and conditions. Get maids for a one off cleaning job or arrange a daily, weekly, or even just a once a month service.

Let Friendly Cleaners Do the Research for You

If fact we’ve already done it! We have a list of local companies who’re all committed to reference-vetting before employment, provide training, and who have quality control management systems in place. All supply uniforms and ID cards to their skilled workers, and charge clearly stated hourly rates. Generally speaking the minimum appointment time for a one off service is 3 hours, and weekly cleaning could be just 2 hours. Appointments can be changed or cancelled without penalty at just 48 hours notice.
Call our 24/7 line or use our contact form to tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll match your needs to companies who offer the service and give you the lowest quote we can find. That’s all there is to it.