Effective Carpet Cleaning in Balham

Friendly Services will pair you with a company that guarantees real results.
Any equipment and cleaning products needed to carry out this service are bought to your premises by your technician. All solutions are eco-friendly, ensuring their safety around you and your family. After your carpets have been assessed, a pre-treating of any stains will take place, followed by the thorough cleansing. The technique used will be determined by the fibres – for synthetics and everyday carpets a hot water extraction machine will inject water and detergents deep into the weave, and remove all the dirt with the moisture. For more delicate fabrics a gentler steam cleaning or dry cleaning method will be chosen. Advice for after-care and preventative treatments will be given for free!

Sourcing Providers

Stop searching for carpet cleaning services in Balham – Friendly Services will quickly find the right provider for you! Our online platform is designed to collate your information, and match you to a company giving you a professional tradesman at the most competitive price. After you’ve filled in your location and service requirements into our online form, or given us details by phone, we’ll compare prices and connect you to the supplier with the finest technicians and the lowest prices, and ensure quality workmanship too.