Shop Around for Domestic Cleaning in Camberwell in One Call

If the thought of contacting loads of companies, comparing quotes and checking reputations is putting you off booking a cleaner, you’re not alone! The great news is you don’t have to bother with any of that stuff. Call Friendly Cleaners and take advantage of a quote comparison platform that makes sure you get the best value and security in your domestic cleaning in Camberwell.
Any firm we keep on our register completes CRB vetting as a matter of course. They also provide training, uniforms, ID cards, and have quality control systems in place. With all of the paperwork taken care of, all you have to concern yourself with is saying what you’d like done, where and how often.

One-Off and Regular Domestic Cleaning Available

When you want a regular cleaner there are options for weekly, fortnightly, or monthly services, or more often if you like. If you just need a once-only service that’s fine too. You’ll always pay a clearly stated hourly rate. Regular sessions generally start with the jobs that need doing every time, then your maid uses spare time at the end of the session to complete rotational tasks. When you have specific chores you’d like completed, your cleaners will work to your priorities.
Services are available seven days a week, and our line is staffed 24/7. Call us today to get your quote.