Book End of Tenancy Cleaning in Catford with Confidence

Ask Friendly Services for a quote for end of tenancy cleaning in Catford, and the price you’re given at the outset will be the one you pay when the work is done. All the companies we search offer a fixed rate end of lease service based on the size of the property. Provision of cleaning products is also included, and the cleaners arrive with all the equipment they need to complete the work.
Every job normally expected of outgoing tenants is included, and to be quite certain that nothing gets missed, the team arrives with a checklist to tick chores off as they’re completed. Because deposits are subject to the property being left in a satisfactory state, this service is covered by a guarantee. If there’s anything that’s not up to standard, re-cleaning is completed at no extra charge.

Who Benefits from End of Lease Cleaning?

Everyone does! Tenants benefit from knowing that the responsibility of getting their cleaning bond back is in professional hands. Landlords and letting agents appreciate knowing that the work will be done promptly and to a standard that prepares the premises for new occupants. This service can also be adapted to prepare an unoccupied home for the property market, or to clean a newly purchased place before anyone moves in. Anytime you’d like a quote for empty home cleaning, call us or send a message.