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If you only ever employ professional cleaners for one thing, we suggest you make it this thing. You really can’t afford to take chances on your end of tenancy cleaning in Charlton. There’s probably a large amount of money tied up in your cleaning deposit, and if the job’s not done properly you won’t get it back. Friendly Services maintains a list of local companies who offer move out cleaning which meets the standards expected by landlords and letting agents. All work is completed according to a standardised checklist that covers all the jobs expected when you’re moving on from rented property.
The quote you’re given will represent the best value we can find, and will be an all-in rate that includes provision of cleaning materials and tools as well as the labour. Your work will be covered by a guarantee, if anything gets missed the first time round, the cleaners will return and put things right at no extra cost. They don’t like having to do this so it almost never happens!

Seven Day End of Lease Cleaning

Services are available weekdays, weekends, and even over bank holidays – all for the same basic rate. Enquiries from tenants, landlords, and letting agencies are equally welcome. Whichever of these you are, use our 24/7 phone number or send us a message using our contact form to get your quote.