Domestic & Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Earls Court

When you need a provider offering modern cleaning methods, Friendly Services will find you one!
When your technician arrives, an immediate assessment will be made of your carpet fibres which enables the correct cleaning method to be chosen. There are three different cleansing techniques available: a) hot water extraction using a special machine – this is most suitable for hard wearing synthetics as a powerful jet of water is injected deep into the carpet removing the dirt and moisture, b) steam cleaning, and c) dry cleaning for delicate fabrics that may shrink. Any stains will be pre-treated as part of the service, and any advice for after-care is given for free! All equipment and cleaning products are officially approved, and totally safe for you and your family.

Who You Can Rely On

Friendly Services knows the importance of matching you with a service provider that delivers all you need at the price you can afford. That’s why we’ve got a list of highly rated contacts, all of whom are leading companies in the carpet cleaning business. These suppliers only work with technicians who are well trained and experienced, so you know that your job will be performed to the highest standards. Our online platform is easy to operate – simply fill in the form with your details, or give us a call, and we’ll get the quotes!