Carpet Cleaning in Hammersmith - Steam and Dry Cleaning Specialists

Your carpet deserves the best care it can get – book specialist carpet cleaning in Hammersmith today and every single fibre will be treated with proven products. How will your cleaners get rid of both the interior and exterior dirt? There are two different techniques – hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning, and dry cleaning. Which of these is chosen will depend on whether your carpet is made out of synthetic or natural materials. Why? Synthetic carpets are more hard-wearing and can undergo the invasive steam cleaning process during which a powerful solvent is injected deep into the pile. Natural carpets are more delicate and will therefore be treated with a powder that absorbs dirt, and can then be vacuumed off quickly.

Want to Know How We’ll Get You the Best Deal?

The process is simple: contact a Friendly Services adviser – which you can do at any time – and detail your carpet cleaning requirements. Then wait while this adviser talks to representatives of companies who cover the Hammersmith area. They’ll get quotes and then compare and contrast each one for you. Which one will you receive? The offer that matches both your personal and budgetary needs.