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Synthetic, wool, and organic materials and fabrics can all be treated during your carpet cleaning service in Hampstead! Your technician will come to your property with a high quality machine designed to perform both hot water extraction and dry cleaning. Of course only one of these techniques will be used during your particular service. Which? The one that’s most suitable for your specific fabric. Hot water extraction – otherwise known as steam cleaning – involves pressure injecting your carpet with powerful solvent and then extracting it. While dry cleaning requires an absorbent powder to be evenly distributed over the surface of the material and then vacuumed off. But before they begin either process, your experts will remove any stains, treat high traffic areas, and eliminate dirt patches.

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Unsure which carpet cleaning company in Hampstead can best match your requirements and your budget? Contact Friendly Services whenever you’re ready and let us get to work. All you need to do is tell us about your carpet – what it’s made of, when it was last cleaned, and more. These details will enable us to reach out to our connections and get quotes from them. When we’re done you’ll be sent a quotation that represents the best value for your money.