Friendly Services Will Locate Low Cost Domestic Cleaning Services in Hanwell

When you don’t have the time or the energy to complete your household chores, this regular cleaning service will definitely help you. You can book weekly, fortnightly, or monthly sessions, for a minimum time of just two hours weekly, or three hours for the other options. The service is hourly based, and your professional cleaner will work through a prioritised detailed check list, but remember that you can ask for many other tasks to be undertaken such as feeding your pets or watering your plants. Doing the ironing and the laundry can all be taken care of too.

For an additional cost, your cleaner will provide eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment, or you can request that yours are used instead. If your cleaner is taken ill, or is away on holiday, another trained and dedicated cleaner will automatically take their place, so your cleaning rota won’t be interrupted.

Trusted Suppliers

Friendly Services only work with honest providers who in turn work alongside the finest technicians and professionals in the business. So when you need a domestic cleaning service in Hanwell, we’ll contact everyone we know to be able to get you the best deal. Let us know your location, and what work you need carrying out by phone or online, and we’ll get back to you with the best quote for the job, and it’s free!