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Oven cleaning certainly isn’t a chore when you call in the professionals to help! Your qualified and trained technician will grant you a free inspection of your oven before your service begins. Then the oven door and racks will be disassembled and the inside of the oven deeply scrubbed whilst the removed parts are soaking in anti-bacterial sanitising detergents in a dip tank. Any remaining residue, grease, or grime will be rubbed away by hand using sponges and wire brushes with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. After the cleaning has been completed, and the parts dried, your oven will be put back together and polished. Then a final inspection and test will be performed before your expert leaves. You’ll be able to use your oven immediately! This service is environmentally-friendly, affordable, and suitable for ovens in both domestic and commercial environments. Regular maintenance of your oven prolongs its life, as well as optimising its efficiency.

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