Choose Domestic Cleaning in Herne Hill with Quality Assurances

Find domestic cleaning services in Herne Hill from firms which believe that this job is worth doing well. Call Friendly Services to request a quote comparison, and any rate you’re given will be from a local company. This will be a provider which starts with reference vetting and face-to-face interviews, follows this with initial training, then rounds things off with an ongoing supervision program which includes on-the-spot checks of every worker at least once a fortnight.
The details of your service are largely up to you. One-off, monthly, fortnightly, or weekly appointments are all accommodated. Any given session can be completed according to a task-list of chores that you’ve requested, or follow a more general list of the usual priority jobs and rotational tasks to completed as and when time allows. Weekend or weekday sessions are available, and weekend work doesn’t cost extra.

Urgent Cleaning and Holiday Cover Can Be Arranged

If you need a cleaner in a rush, use our 24/7 line and ask for the soonest possible appointment. It could even be on the very day you call. Once your repeat cleaning is in place you’re assured of 100% reliability. When your regular cleaner is away replacement cover can be arranged. Call us to find out more, or if you prefer to stay online use our contact form to tell us what you’re looking for.