Expert Cleaners for End of Tenancy Cleaning in Herne Hill

In the excitement of moving home it could be tempting to skimp on your final cleaning. But you’ll regret it when your deposit comes back with a list of the deductions made to cover the work you didn’t get done! There is a way to be quite certain that those chores are completed to a standard that’s guaranteed to meet the standards expected by your landlord. Just call Friendly Services and ask for the best quote for end of tenancy cleaning in Herne Hill.
The person you speak to will check our local register and find you a company that offers a guaranteed post-tenancy cleaning service for a set rate. Your cleaners will come once you’ve left the property and cleared it of your personal possessions. They work their way though a standardised checklist which incorporates all the jobs required to prepare your old home for a post-rental inspection. You’ll have a period of 72 hours in which to notify of any problems, and if any re-cleaning is required it happens promptly at no extra charge.

Seven Day Move Out Cleaning

The price you’re given when you call our 24/7 hotline will be the same for a weekend appointment as for a weekday one. Some companies do offer evening or overnight options, but these will cost extra. The service can be booked by landlords or letting agents as well as tenants, and the price includes detergents and tool supply as well as labour.