Enquire About Domestic Cleaning Services in Holloway

This regular cleaning service can be booked for minimum times of two hours for a weekly clean, and three hours for fortnightly and monthly sessions. You can arrange an early morning start, or an evening appointment – whatever suits you best. Your trained and insured cleaner will bring eco-friendly cleaning tools and products for an additional fee, or is quite happy to use yours. A prioritised and detailed checklist will be worked through, but there are many other chores you can ask to be carried out. These include ironing and laundry, feeding your pets, and watering your plants! If your cleaner is unwell or on holiday you’ll be immediately sent a replacement technician who’ll carry out all work to an equally high standard.

Friendly Services Are on Your Side

Get in touch with Friendly Services by phone, or fill in our user-friendly online form, and tell us where you live and what service you require. Then we’ll reach out to our contacts in the domestic cleaning industry to get you the best deal in Holloway! With our help you’ll get the service you need at the most affordable price in the area. Every technician will be trained and qualified, and quotes will only be obtained from trusted suppliers, and all are free.