After Builders Cleaning in Kensington - Request Your Quote

Don’t let all that dust and debris you find after your construction workers leave get you down – book after builders cleaning in Kensington instead. These services are carried out exclusively by clean-up specialists who can perform rubbish removals, carpet cleaning, tile scrubbing, window cleansing, wood floor polishing, and that’s far from all! How long will your service last? Just as long as you need it too – you’ll be charged by the hour for the number of hours you choose. What kinds of tools and products will the jobs described above be carried out with? Industrial standard vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, air filtration units, and more. You’ll be hard pressed to find more comprehensive services.

Let Us Help You

What is Friendly Services? A company formed for one purpose, and one purpose only: to help you get an after builders service in Kensington that you can afford. To do this we’ll only need a few basic details, such as how large your house is, and how many jobs you want completed. We can then give all this information to the companies we know and filter through their responses until we determine which can give you the best deal.