Expert End of Tenancy Cleaning for Kensington Locals

Want an end of tenancy cleaning service in Kensington which won’t be limited in time? Contact Friendly Services – we’ll reach out to our connections for you! Want to know further details? A team of seasoned cleaners will be dispatched to your address with tools including, but not limited to, vacuum cleaners, brooms, and dusters, as well as de-greasers, disinfectants, and sugar soap. Once they arrive they’ll work systematically through every single room on the premises – no nook or cranny will be missed. Want to help make the process more efficient? Make sure the fridge and freezer is turned off at least 24 hours beforehand, remove any of your personal items, and ensure there will be active power and running water during your time-slot.

Friendly Services Will Get You a Provider

We were established to help you and other customers like you find providers willing to charge them the fairest of fees for a high quality end of tenancy cleaning service. How do we achieve this? By talking to the representatives of Kensington companies that we know have your best interests at heart. All we’ll need from you is a description of your property. We’ll then get quotes from these companies and identify the best one. Don’t know how to contact us? You can do so at any time over the phone or online.