Book Regular Domestic Cleaning Services in Kentish Town

It’s very important to get into a routine with home cleaning to ensure a continuous and improving quality of clean. That’s why hiring this domestic cleaning service works so well. You’ll be able to book the same cleaner for the same time every week, fortnight, or month, for a minimum of just two hours weekly, or three hours for the other two options. If your trained cleaner becomes unwell or goes on holiday, you’ll be provided with a replacement cleaner also dedicated to perform to the highest standards. This means your sessions will never be interrupted. You can request that your cleaner uses your cleaning products and equipment, or for an additional fee, eco-friendly cleaning solutions and tools will be bought to your home. A detailed checklist will be adhered to, but you can ask for many additional chores to be completed – for more information take a look at your selected company’s website. This comprehensive regular service is ideally suited for everyone!

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Getting your free quote from Friendly Services for domestic cleaning in Kentish Town is simple. Just fill in our online form or give us a call to let us know where you live and what service you need. We’ll check in with all of our trusted suppliers and get back to you with the lowest quote for the job. This will be entirely free! Don’t worry about the quality of workmanship – its consistently high whatever the cost.