Don't Over-Pay for After Builders Cleaning in Leyton! Contact Friendly Services

Wall washing. Hard floor cleaning. Tile scrubbing. Carpet cleansing. Window wiping. It can all be done during a single, comprehensive after builders cleaning session in Leyton! You can personalise every aspect of the service including its length and what jobs are completed during it. Just consider your property, specifically its size and current condition, and then get in touch with Friendly Services – we’ll set you up with the right provider for you. What about the necessary detergents and equipment? That’s nothing you need to be concerned with – the company you hire will supply them all, and they’ll be of the highest possible quality. This’ll include vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, and more.

Let Us Compare Prices

Friendly Services are not an after builders cleaning service provider. So what are we? We’re an organisation that helps customers like you connect with companies who can give them the best possible deal. Here’s how it works: you get in touch with us and describe your needs, we’ll reach out to every appropriate company in the local area and ask for cost estimates, they’ll get back to us, and we’ll filter through them until we find the right one for you.