Get Help with Domestic Cleaning in Lower Edmonton

When you need your home cleaning on a regular basis this service is designed for you. You can book your trained and insured technician for just a minimum time of two hours for a weekly appointment, and three hours for a fortnightly and monthly session. Early starts or evening slots are two of the flexible appointment times readily available. If your cleaner is sick or on holiday, immediate cover will be provided by another experienced team member. Eco-friendly cleaning materials will be bought to your property for an additional charge, or your own equipment can be used. Work will be completed from a detailed, prioritised check list, but you’ll be able to ask for many other chores to be tackled including the ironing and the laundry. Watering plants and feeding pets can also be attended to! When you don’t have the time or the energy, this domestic cleaning service will meet all your expectations and more.

Providers Sourced

With the assistance of Friendly Services you’ll be able to book a domestic cleaning service in Lower Edmonton that meets all your needs and fits into your budget! Get in touch by phone or fill in our online form and let us know your exact location and what service you require. We’ve got close relations with maintenance services we trust, and who only work with qualified professionals. We’ll pair you with the most efficient and suitable provider for the best price available.