Domestic & Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Maida Hill

There are three cleaning options for this service – your trained technician will decide which one is best for your carpet type. For synthetics and hard wearing fabrics a modern hot water extraction method will be selected. For wools and other delicate materials that may shrink, dry cleaning will be performed. The third technique is steam cleaning. Before the thorough cleaning begins, any stains and dirt patches will be pre-treated. You’ll also be given plenty of advice on how to prevent them happening again! All the tools and cleansing solutions needed are bought to your property, and included in your cleaning package. You can request additional applications such as carpet deodorisers and air movers to help dry carpets much faster if you wish. Moving in or moving out, or just wanting a spring clean? This service is suitable for both domestic and commercial properties.

You, a Provider, and a Professional

When you need a carpet cleaning professional in Maida Hill, Friendly Services will locate one for you. In order to send you a free quote for the lowest possible price, we just need you to fill in our online form, or give us a call detailing your carpet type and size. We’ll pair you with a provider we trust, and you’ll be sent a trained technician to carry out the work. It’s easy!