Deep Patio Cleaning in North Finchley

Your outdoor space needs proper care if it’s to be enjoyed for a long time – there are many providers of expert patio cleaning in North Finchley, and most can give you what you need. Luckily, Friendly Services have close ties with the best! The service is performed by a technician equipped with a jet washing machine. The equipment ejects water under high pressure. In order to perform the service a proper drainage and access to water is required. The equipment can be attached directly to any external tap or in case there is no external access to water we can connect the machine to an internal tap in the kitchen or bathroom. For an internal tap connection is required a specific nozzle. There are more than 10 nozzle standards in UK so our technicians are equipped with all of them. Don’t forget, our partners can work with more than just your patio – feel free to get in touch if you need help with driveways, patios, garden furniture, pathways to walls, fences and wooden decking.

How We’ll Get You a Great Price

What size of patio do you want cleansed? When was the last time it received maintenance? These are the types of queries you’ll need to answer when you connect with a Friendly Services operator over the phone or online – we’re here 24/7. We need this information in order to pass it on to patio service providers in North Finchley. In a short a timeframe as possible you’ll be sent a detailed, accurate quote from the company we’ve deemed as most cost-effective and suitable considering your requirements.