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The construction workers who carried out the renovations on your property usually leave a big mess behind, but you don’t have to clear it up yourself! Let the after builders cleaning teams we know in Plaistow help you out. What will they be able to do? Cleanse your carpets of any plaster and paint, wash your windows down until they’re spotless, leave no evidence of dirt or dust, take any rubbish leftover by the builders and dispose of it, and that’s not all…

Worried that you don’t have the right tools or products to get everything done? There’s no need to be. You won’t be required to supply a single thing. Just sit back and relax while your team work for the number of hours you choose – you’ll be hard pressed to find a more personalised service.

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You’ll connect with one of our professionals by phone or online whenever you’re free, and give a basic outline of your needs. We’ll take it from there – the details you’ve provided will be sent out to highly regarded builders who cover your area. They’ll be able to quickly work out a preliminary quotation for your service and send it to us. A Friendly Services operator will compile all these replies and give you the one that not only matches your requirements, but your budget too.