Landlord Approved End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in Shepherds Bush

Several specialist providers of end of tenancy cleaning in Shepherds Bush offer services which are just as important for landlords as they are for tenants. If you’re a landlord you need to ensure your property is in perfect condition for when potential new residents come to inspect it. If you’re a tenant you’re required to clean up the rented premises you’ve been staying in to the best of your ability before you move out, and in some cases are actually legally bound to do so if it was an instruction in the tenancy agreement you signed. But how would your service work? Your team would come to the property in question, systematically move through every room cleaning as they go, and then show you what they’ve done. If you’re in any way unhappy you’ll be entitled to a FREE re-clean – this guarantee will last for up to 72 hours after your appointment. Want to make the whole process more efficient? Cut power to your fridge and freezer to allow them to defrost at least one day before your cleaners are scheduled to arrive, pack up and remove your belongings, and make sure the water and electricity are still on.

We’ll Take Over Your Search for An Affordable Service

We value your time. That’s why you can reach out to a Friendly Services operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why would you do so? To have them find the best deal on end of tenancy cleaning in Shepherds Bush – they’ll take your personal requirements and match them to a particular provider. When this has been done you’ll receive a detailed cost estimate, and the contact details of the company.