Compare Rates from South Norwood Domestic Cleaning Providers

If knowing that your cleaner is honest, hard-working, and responsive to your needs is important to you, we have some great news! Request a quote comparison for domestic cleaning in South Norwood from Friendly Services and any price you’re given will be from a service provider who also values the very same qualities. With those basics assured, it’s simply a case of finding the best price and setting up your work so that you get the most benefit from it.
Any service provider we quote from is one that completes CRB checks and personal interviews before accepting new staff members. All offer services based on an hourly rate, with options for anything from a one off booking up to weekly cleaning. Minimum appointment times start at two hours for weekly cleaning, with less frequent options are usually three hours or longer. You’ll have the option of requesting that your service prioritises specific jobs and areas, or you can ask your domestic to work from a standardised list

Flexible Repeat Cleaning Services

If you need to add in an extra session you can set it up anytime, simply by calling our 24/7 customer support line. Pre-booked appointments can be amended or cancelled without penalty at just 48 hours notice. And, by booking through a local company, you’re sure of 100% reliability. When your regular domestic takes a holiday, cover will always be arranged.