Patio Cleaning Suitable for All Upper Edmonton Residents

It doesn’t matter whether your decking is made by concrete, slab, stone or limestone! You can still have a patio cleaning service performed by Upper Edmonton professionals. Watch as these experts quickly and efficiently remove all dirt and mud of the surface of your outside living space. Then, observe as they move onto the garden furniture, the fence and even the walls, in case you have requested them to be spruced up too.

Once they’re done they’ll put everything back exactly where it was and give you and your home the patio it deserves, cleaned to the highest possible standard. Also want your driveway or paths to be cleaned as part of your service? It can be arranged with zero hassle.

A Tried and Tested Method of Finding the Best Quote

Friendly Services knows how to take the information you provide us with and turn it into FREE quotes from tried and trusted companies throughout the Upper Edmonton area. What do we need to know? Just what size of patio you have and when it was last cleaned. How often can you get in touch with us? Whenever you feel like! Our customer service runs uninterrupted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both over the phone and online.