Best Prices for Domestic Cleaning in West Ealing

Regular cleaning can take place on a weekly, monthly, or fortnightly basis, for a minimum time of just two hours a week, or three hours a fortnight or month. Eco-friendly detergents and cleaning equipment can be bought along for an extra charge, or your cleaner can use yours if that’s acceptable to you. You’ll get the same cleaner every session, and for illness or holidays there’s immediate cover of the same high quality. Every cleaner is fully trained with years of experience, and will be able to complete each task on the prioritised check list. You can also ask for extra chores to be taken care of, like ironing and laundry. If you want your pets feeding or your plants watering just let your cleaner know! When you don’t have the time or the energy, this service is made for you.

Tell Us What You Need

Fill in our form on the Friendly Services website, or give us a call to let us know what domestic cleaning you need performing in West Ealing. Then we’ll help you find the perfect service by matching your personal requirements to the professionals that are the most suitable. We’ve got close relations with a whole host of reputable companies, so we’ll be able to compare prices on our online platform, and send you the best quote for free.