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Garden maintenance. Tree Surgery. Landscaping. Lawn Care. Just some of the work that can be carried out during this comprehensive gardening service. You’ll be able to discuss all your plans and ideas with two gardening experts who’ll visit you at your property to view your garden, and decide how long these jobs will take and approximately how much you’ll pay. The cost includes all tools and equipment needed to complete the work. You can request the collection of garden waste too – this includes animal bedding, twigs, small branches, cuttings, and clippings to name but a few. Your lawn can be mowed regularly, and patches reseeded, alongside watering, edging, and feeding. Maintaining your outdoor space properly prevents damage to plants and property, so this service is perfect for homeowners, landlords, and tenants.

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We’re not a service provider, but Friendly Services will find you the top supplier of gardening experts in Lower Edmonton. We’ll reach out to all the leading companies we’re in contact with, and locate the service you need for the lowest price. Our online form is easy to use – let us know your garden size, date of the last maintenance, and what work you’d like doing. Or you can give us a call. We’ll compare the quotes and send you the best one!

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