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Friendly Services will connect you to a provider that offers inspection, treatment, and prevention.
Ants. Bed bugs. Cockroaches. Silverfish. These are just some of the crawling insects that your technicians can deal with. Then there are the flying insects, birds, and rodents too! No job is too big or small for these experts to handle with their eco-friendly insecticides and pesticides, and emergency appointments are available. After a thorough inspection of your property, the right treatment will be selected for the removal of your pests. You’ll be advised of any pre-treatment steps you need to take and what to do when the pest controller leaves. You’ll also be informed how to protect your home from future infestations, keeping it safe, healthy, and vermin-free.

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When you need help and advice with hiring a reliable pest control service in Brixton, Friendly Services are here! We’ve got connections with many reputable companies who provide the service you’re looking for at the price that’s right. Use our online platform to tell us just where you are and what particular service you want performing. We’ll get in touch with our contacts and get back to you with the most reasonable quotes. You can be assured that only professionals will complete your work.

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