Tell Us What Pest Control You Need in Golders Green

When it comes to pest control in Golders Green, professionalism is key. The partners Friendly Services work with in this area meet and exceed all standards you’d expect, and offer services for domestic properties, commercial food establishments, hotels, hospitals, rest homes, and any other properties where those unwanted guests are posing a problem.
In every instance you’ll get a rapid response to your call. The situation will be evaluated by a qualified and experienced pest control officer, the most appropriate remedy will be identified, and work will start promptly. Some pests can be eradicated in a single visit, others might require several. You’ll be advised on this once the type and extent of infestation has been identified.

Health and Safety Awareness in Pest Control

When chemicals are used to treat a problem, the person using them will be fully trained in their appropriate use. You’ll also be advised on any procedures you should be aware of to protect yourself, children, employees, or pets from unwanted exposure. Finally, as a standard part of any pest control intervention you’ll receive free advice on measures that will help to prevent the problem from reoccurring.
Treatments are available for the elimination of rodents, cockroaches, wasps, bed-bugs, and a wide variety of other pests. Call or message us 24/7 to explain what the problem is. We’ll identify pest control companies in the area that offer the work you need done, and send you the most competitive quote.

Coverage Our providers are offering the following services: