Pest Control in Wandsworth for Domestic & Commercial Properties

When you need a discreet, hassle-free service, Friendly Services will carefully select your provider.
From bird control to woodworm treatment, these highly skilled and experienced technicians will know just how to deal with pest infestations. The service will be performed by professionals who’ll visit you to determine the level of infestation and the best way to treat it. This inspection, followed by appropriate removal levels, is all part of the service. Depending on the type of pest, different pesticides and insecticides will be used – all are provided by an official pest supplier, and are perfectly safe to apply in home or work environments. You’ll be given any special instructions needed to prepare for your visit, and steps to take after the treatments. You can request an emergency appointment if you’re desperate to get a vermin-free space.

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We understand perfectly well that pest infestations can be a major problem, and some treatments need to be done immediately. Friendly Services has connections with many trusted pest control providers in Wandsworth. They’ll supply trained and qualified technicians to inspect, treat, and prevent future attacks. We’ll make sure you get this high quality service for the most affordable price in your area. Enter your details into our online form, or give us a call and get the ball rolling!

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